Sunday, 13 September 2009


I love this atc! My friend Steph, who lives in Ireland and I have recently started swapping atcs in the post. I am in awe of the art she's created - having only just started out and not having much in the way of suppliers readily available!
Steph came to visit a while back and when she saw my art room and the bits I was making, fell in love at first sight and is now, I'm sure, becoming an avid crafter and creator. I absolutely love what she's doing and the way that her head works.
Steph, I publicly apologise for being so late with my 'moonlight' and 'wings' atcs but be assured, I'm getting them together and they'll be posted this week - without fail.
So unlike me to be late with anything but when she sees what I've been spending my time doing, I'm hoping she'll understand.

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