Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I made this concertina book for my son for his Birthday some years ago around the time we got our two kittens. He has a passion for animals and I have a passion for folding bits of paper - a perfect combo! I had to borrow all the beautiful cat stamps from Sue (told you she's a cat lover!) as I didn't have a single one to my name. It worked out really well and the delightful bit was that it was so much easier to do than it appeared.
Our 'real' cats are brothers called Red & Blue (they were once called Jed & Flint but soon became known by the colour of their collars - and it just stuck!). They're about 3yrs old now and just lovely in every way. They've adopted my friend and neighbour Jo and I'm sure they think of her as 'other mummy'. She most certainly feeds them more delicacies than I do!

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