Thursday, 3 September 2009


Up until this point in my life I always thought I could barely draw a stick man. That all changed when I met my fantastic next door neighbour who volunteered to teach me. Jo is a truly amazingly creative multi-talented woman who poured endless hours of patience into helping me to learn. It started with the cardigan and has gradually progressed. No-one is more amazed than I, that I am capable of such a leap - miracles can, and do, happen. It was my life long ambition to be able to draw and now I feel I can. As long as you don't put my drawings next to Jo's I believe I can call myself an artist - of sorts! Jo works in charcoal and is teaching me that medium next and I can't wait. Her work is spectacular in every respect and needs to be seen to be believed. A link to her blog will follow as soon as poss so you can see what I mean. We have spent many an evening at the drawing board, consuming far more wine than is usual in any art class and we've laughed til we've cried and put the world to rights in every respect. And then I've wobbled up her path and back down mine, home. Jo, you are truly a gifted woman, a great friend, a supreme artist and a generous spirit. And now, you're looking after my menagerie while I'm away! Thank you isn't adequate x


  1. Wow they're so amazing Penny, you can really see your progression, number 5 is amazing.
    Well done XX

  2. by the way i think we should arrange a nice girly evening soon for wine, chit chat & admiration of your arty pieces in their true form...? I am very impressed with your blog XX

  3. Penny, I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am of your talent. I'm someone else who has always wished I can draw better than I can. My sister is amazing but doesn't really do it so much anymore - I'd love to see more of your drawings and paintings :)


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