Monday, 23 November 2009


I am so pleased with this piece. I believe it is probably the best thing I've ever stamped! I love the way these things happen by accident. I recently stamped a picture to fill a frame and just happened to stamp the lace edge stamp along one edge of the Alice image. I thought instantly that it really worked and thought I could improve it by using it as a frame for the whole thing, that'd it'd look better embossed than just stamped and that I wanted it to be raised, rather than flat on the page.

The one in the photo is just the prototype as I can see numerous ways to improve it further - both sides of the paper the frame is stamped on would be better than having a white underside, black pads to raise the frame would be better than white and I'd need to be more careful about the placement of the lace frame but ..... I think this will really come together on a 2nd attempt.

My friend Sue and I were talking last night and discussing how frustrated we get when our 1st attempts at things we make don't work out and I said that we make the mistake of watching a how-to dvd and imagine it's the first time the artist has ever done it and marvel at how brilliant the outcome. I'm sure this isn't the case - they must try it, like it, try it again, perfect it and then have a half dozen takes before we get to see it, AT LEAST! So, nothing wrong with having a work in progress then?! Phew, I feel better now.

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