Sunday, 31 January 2010


Old indeed! This is the card I made for my friend Jan O's 50th birthday. Notice there was no sign of any numbers on it anywhere! I like to think I'm a good friend - ha! Jans birthday was yesterday and we went to her party last night. I'm still recovering! It was such good fun. I haven't laughed so much in ages - in fact I laughed so much that this morning I'd lost my voice.
I've known Jan since I joined a new junior shcool when we were 8 years old. We've been friends ever since which is just amazing. It was so nice last night to help her celebrate, to see all her family and catch up with Sara, who became a school friend when we went to Secondary school. It was fabulous to see her again and I blame my voice loss on her and Jayne who had me in stitches all night long!


  1. Brilliant card, so glad you came and thanks for making this for me. I love it.Next time use younger looking women - ha ha

  2. Hi There, It's so nice to meet you! Your cards are lovely. I especially like "wonderland" with the little awning over the rabbit as he is blowing his horn.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hello". It's nice to make new friends.

    D soon is the big five oh?

  3. Hi D,
    Thanks for dropping in. I will be 50 in only two weeks time. I consider it a badge of honour so I'm grateful to have made it this far rather than anxious about my age!!!

  4. Hey Jan, Why are you 'anonymous' - we all know who you are! Ha. Glad you like your card - these two ladies really remind me of my Aunties Glad and Dolly! Fab party Jan. Thanks again x

  5. Enjoyed visiting your blog and wonderful art work- it looks like you enjoy mixed media and have a lot of interests! Thank you for your kind comment and I look forward to visiting again!

  6. Hi..... I've enjoyed looking at you blog. Thank you for finding me and leaving a lovely comment.
    Great card...even if they look more like your grannies, lol !!!!


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