Friday, 26 March 2010

BLOGLAND ETIQUETTE .... help, please?

I'm confused. This happens quite frequently but today, I've decided to ask for your help rather than faffing about aimlessly any longer. Can anyone of you dear readers tell me what the etiquette is regarding responding to people's comments that they leave? I never know whether to respond to the person in the comments section here or, to email them directly which isn't always possible or even, to respond by commenting on their blog which kinda seems a little outta place. So, please, could you kindly point me in the right direction ....? So many ideas and lovely comments left and I would really love to respond. How do you go about this?..... 


  1. I just read somewhere that responding on the other person's blog would be more likely to be seen especially by someone who comments on a lot of blogs. I've been a little stumped by this myself. Sometimes when I'm on a roll I think I need a list on what I've commented on and where and I'm always curious if my comment generated more discussion or acknowledgment (not that it's always required by any means but it is nice)
    I didn't mind getting a direct email from you in response though either.

    I've also seen people address comments later on down in the comments including responses to queries and compliments by name in a catch all answer.

    So I'm not sure if I've given any sort of concrete etiquette and we'll have to continue faffing (love that word!)


  2. This is what has been suggested to me regarding commenting on blogs. If you're commenting on someone's art piece, keep it short. If you want to ask questions and chat more, send an email directly to that person rather than let the whole world see :)

  3. I think of commenting as a visit to the person and to see their beautiful art. I don't mind really if i get a response, i just like to comment if there is something to say and I dont always respond to peoples comments on my blog but do try to visit them or email them if i have something to say or just want to see what they are currently doing.
    Hugs and happy weekend, June

  4. June has written my words exactly :)

  5. I am the same, I don't respond to EVERY comment and I don't think that people expect you to. I do however make an effort when I receive a comment from a new visitor, as I did with you. If I receive their e-mail address when I am notified by e-mail I always reply to say thank you, but sometimes it is a "no reply" address. Not everyone displays their e-mail address on their blog so if I want to respond I visit their blog and reply there. I don't think there are any set rules and just do what you think is polite.

    Carol x

  6. I agree, June nailed it.

  7. When I get a comment I try hard to respond back to that person's blog and check out what they have been up to! We can't always keep up of course, and I try not to miss new people. It is such a huge network out there waiting to be discovered and can be overwhelming in terms of responding. I usually don't email back unless it is of a personal nature. Don't worry you're doing great!

  8. I do not expect an answer to every comment I give on someone's work. But I admit, it's nice to receive a response on the comment from time to time. Mostly I receive the reactions in a mail. I prefer this because it's more private.

    Concerning my own blog, if someone asks me a question, I try to answer via email, when there is no adress, I answer in the comments section.

  9. HI

    Really good question - if it's a question on something I've posted I like to include it in my next post if possible so that if they happen by again there is an answer, with regards to people leaving comments I think it's lovely and when I get chance I like to wander over to their blogs too and see what there up to!

    Hope this helps with your dilemma

  10. I agree with June but with that said I want to thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! It was very thoughtful of you!

  11. Cor, this is a hard one hun...I try to get around to all the lovely peeps who take time out to comment on my blog...sometimes if I have a Q, I will email the person if I have their email addy...otherwise, I will comment in the next days post, hoping theyy will call back...I also try to make sure I hop once a day but sometimes cannot always get to do this so make a mammoth hop and comment on loads of pieces ... am not making much sense (but tend not to normally anyway ROFL) I also try to be that bit more personal cos I really love having comments left for me and it is lovely to meet new "friends" if you know what I mean....I shall shut up now and hop off to see everyone else LOL xx

  12. I have it set up on Blogger to receive an email notification when a comment is left on a post. I can reply to that same email and can respond to the comment right there, if I decide to. It makes it very easy to reply to comments.

  13. this question comes up from time to time & I did a post on Blog Etiquette too !

    Personally if someone leaves I comment on my blog, I ALWAYS go to theirs & thank them & leave a comment on their post. ( If I can sometimes it won't link back )

    I do not have the facility to follow up every comment with an email and to be quite honest think that would be terribly time consuming ! I did not start the Blog to find my emai messages full !

    However some of the America Bloggers returm my comment with an email ( if they find my address ) so I have addresses this by saying it's not something I do but realise it looks rude !

    I have email adresses for about six bloggers ( including you! ) & email if I want to ask about art courses etc...some we just email occassionally as we have become friends.

    It does annoy me if I have left a few comments particularly if I admire someone's art work but they never reply. However I asume they are just too busy to reply to little old me !

  14. PS - when I said I ALWAYS return & thank the commenter, I mean someone new to my Blog.

    With bloggers who regularly comment on my blog & me to theirs - it's fairly even, however I don't think we need to follow up every single comment - every time.

    If I comment regularly on a blog & they don't on mine I tend to give up as I do like a two way relationship. Having said that I do follow some as I just love their work ( one has never replied to my comments ! )

    Sorry to take up so much space ...I should have emailed you !!!

  15. Hello Friends! When I posted this I had no idea how much feeback I'd receive and this just shows what a wonderous network this is! I thank you all for your great comments. I'm digesting your suggestions and fathoming, from them, my favoured way to respond in future which will be some kinda combination of all of the above. You are much appreciated x


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