Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary ....

This is my 2nd attempt at all things Fairy today. They don't reproduce very well on my camera and don't appear at their best but I guess that's because fairies are invisible! Ahem.
He's a lovely little flyaway boy and I'm surprised how much I liked the outcome. Thanks to NuminosityBeads for your help. The scanned result was so much better.


  1. That's pretty cute and I like the colors. If you happen to have a scanner, they work really well for flat pieces. Almost all of my photos are taken with a scanner, even my beads.

  2. I love him Pen, he actually looks like he is about to flitter off the ATC!
    I tried to zoom in to see exactly what was written over his crotch, typical me!
    Couldn't quite make it out...drat! I'm sure you have created a chuckle there, as you do tend to play with words well, as you do with your art honey X

  3. Fab art, love this loads...he is such a cutie! x

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I just checked back and it does look better. You're welcome of course!

    I had to repost this comment. I committed one of my great pet peeves and wrote "Your welcome" Ugh!


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