Monday, 1 March 2010

In the Groove

Have been happily crafting in my playroom this evening, listening to music as I usually do and I suddenly thought about the impact of our music choice on us and on what we create.
I'm currently listening to Ludovico Einaudi and Jose Gonzalez both of which have a dreamy quality which beautifully compliments my rather haphazard attempts at stamping fairies. Beautiful, beautiful music recently given to me as a gift by a dear friend who obviously knows my musical taste so well after so many years.
So, I'm wondering, what music do you like to listen to, to get you in the crafting groove? I'd love to know...


  1. Hey! Come and join us on the art calendar challenge!! It's not to late to join in the fun :-)
    And right now, I like listening to Paloma Faith :-)

  2. my son Julian is learning a piece of Ludovico Einaudi at the moment on the piano. Hard to play but beautiful!!
    isa x

  3. You know what? I find it really hard to craft without music...I always have Radio 2 on...I know, showing me age and a bit sad...but...I love listening to a variety of music and radio is good for that...failing radio, I will have a compilation CD long as I can sing along (poor Grim - his ears bleed regularly listening to that) I can make something...don't like the brain wanders off and I can't create! x

  4. I'm not a great one for putting a CD or ipod on ( hubby is ) I like local rdio ( Solent )

    It's quirky, funny & interactive. I usully like their pick of music for a feel good factor !

  5. Hi, and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'll have a deep look to yours. You have some interesting and beautiful works.
    My music? mmmm whatever I can sing and whistle.. today, Opera (Tosca, Puccini) it depends on my mood.


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