Friday, 9 April 2010


This is my return 'Architecture' swap for Chriss. All going in the post today along with my 'Vintage' swaps for the Artists Trading Club. I feel like I'm beginning to catch up a bit now!

I love using molds as I did here for the column. And air-drying clay ... what a wonderful invention.   Don't think the photo does this justice myself!


  1. I think its incredible. I have never used molds and clay and not sure what supplies are needed but the results are amazing
    hugs June xxxxx

  2. wowser, i cannot believe i am going to own this little baby....thank you so much.

    I have had that background paper for many many many years and couldnt think what to do with it...thanks for the inspiration.

    have a great weekend and oh that gorgeous bag with metal washer type thingies yum yum, cannot wait to see what you create with it.

    chriss x

  3. FABULOUS! I can't believe how many techniques you have stored "upstairs"! I haven't heard of air-drying clay, but then there is a lot I haven't heard of :)

  4. WHOA!!! That is SO COOL! I love it :)

  5. Looks brilliant! Lucky Chriss! xx

  6. Very lucky Chriss! Its a lovely piece of art work Penny, especially that column - makes you want to touch!

  7. This is lovely, Penny, I have got this mould and the smaller column,

    Lucy x


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