Saturday, 17 April 2010


These are two of my altered book pages which I'm making for a group effort with our ATC Group which are due next Saturday. Gulp ... I'm so late getting to them. I had such a
great time making them using lots of vintage papers - an accounts book page, dictionary, chemistry text book and, some of my favourite stamps. The idea came to me as I was playing around with the gentleman image - the word says 'poet' but he looks more like a banker to me .... thus, 'Creative Accounting'. Now, just for the other two pages ....!


  1. Penny, these two pages are MAGNIFICENT! Love the backgrounds, cogs, papers and that sun is brilliant!

  2. I had a really close look at these pages - they are wonderful. I love everything that's gone into it, and it 'balances' really well (please excuse accounting pun!).

    Well done, Pen. I love the cogs stamps btw, where they are from?


  3. I really like your monochroma! really serene!

  4. very cool, do share your other pages when there done, I always work best under pressure!

  5. Absolutely love these pages. Ooh, I haven't altered a book in ages - takes too much space and while I had that in my shop workshop, I don't really have it here... dare I??? Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Your pages are awesome! I love the compositions - very cohesive!

  7. I love this - great colour and composition.
    Thanks for your complimentary comments re my blog design. I thought I would be daring and give it a go. It took me hours (!!) but I'm pleased I ended up with something presentable. I'm sure you could give it a whirl...


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