Friday, 9 April 2010


Oooh, some weeks this is tricky ....

* Having today to myself to craft

* Beautiful sunshiny weather

* My forthcoming PhotoShop tutorial with very clever son!

* TWO beautiful postal deliveries - see those here later

* Knowing when it is right to say No, and how to!

* Taking a weekend off from words such as 'must, should
  and ought!'

* All my lovely blogland friends who are a boundless
  source of fun and inspiration.

The thing with this exercise is that it is so utterly uplifting.

Hope you've all had a rockin' week and that you might let us know whats been rockin' it! And if you do fancy participating please go tell its creator .... Virginia at  x


  1. I love this 'rocking your world' thing - can anyone join in? It's great to focus on positives, cos life throws plenty of negatives our way!


  2. I'm hoping people will join in Jo! I've found it such fun. Virginia at Celtic House started the idea and I've joined in with her. The credit is all hers. Her blog is listed in my blog list so you can contact her there to tell her you're playing. I can't wait to see yours ....x

  3. This week has been rockin' for me. I got my blog project underway, sent off inventory for summer galleries and accomplished one of the biggest projects on my list which was one of the more challenging one's as it seems I've been "playing" in the studio all winter. Now the push is on for the marketing end of things and tying up loose ends for the move back north.


  4. I know exactly what you mean, it really makes you sit back and think about the positives going on in your life rather than moaning and whinging all the time.

    Now you've learnt to say no will you teach me how? :)

    Am so glad you share my views on embellies too :P Loving that bag you found in the post above! Yum!


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