Friday, 30 April 2010


I was quick out of the traps this morning and had this post typed at just after midnight. My week this week has greatly improved after last week when my world wasn't so much Rockin' as erupting and therefore, I'm more than ready to be grateful.

Rockin' my world this Friday are:

The blessed relief the chiropractor continues to deliver.

Jo generously sharing her instructions for her great double concertina card which can be found at:
Check her blog out if you don't already know it - its delish!

Blossom on the cherry trees and my one apple tree.

Planting out my veg babies - my favourite part of the whole growing season. Potting on the cucumbers with my trusty groundsman, Rowan.

A tidy playroom - and boy, I do mean tidy - can't find a thing!

A day to play today .... coupled with a healthy determination to ignore all interruptions!

Darling daughter's visit this week. It's nearly 1am - she was due home at 7pm but had to work late at an event - so her dinner is now in the dog, I've been on standby to collect her all evening and now she's taking a cab. I guess that, as she's now 25 I need to give up playing mum! Suggestions on how to achieve this would be most welcome....!

Taking my favourite boy that isn't mine to school and having him tell me how much he's looking forward to coming to us after school next week. Louis is 8 years old, and altho' he isn't mine, his Mum is one of my closest friends and I was there at his birth so, he might as well be. I like to borrow him as often as I can.

All your kind words after my Rockin' my World post last Friday  when my world wasn't so much Rockin' as erupting. Thank you all x

Music Of The Moment - Still can't stop playing Anna Nalik! I'll have worn her cd out by next Friday at this rate.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get some sunshine to enjoy x


  1. To give up playing mum, impossible to achieve I suppose. That's my experience anyway.. Have a nice weekend (a bit of sun and a bit of rain for the veg babies)

  2. Hi Hun

    I'm loving you Rocking Your World - sounds like you've also had a better week - I was way ready to be grateful this week! Glad you're having fun with your veggies - I've always aspired to an allotment but it's never happened plus I've no idea when I would fit it in! LOL! Little one is recovering although still using TV as therapy - I don't think I'll ever stop playing "mum" and I don't see why you should hun - I don't think your daughter would want you to either! Have a fantastic day - off to check your link out to the concertina card!


  3. You will always be a mum my friend, my boys are around 30 and still are my boys. glad things are better this week
    hugs June xxx

  4. What's rockin' my world today is that we're back in the north in the town that I spent the last 30 + years in just 100 miles from my new northern home. My husband graciously left me here while he opened up the house.
    I get to see my "baby" son (almost 27) today whom I haven't seen in 6 months. Also two parties with friends to catch up on things.
    And I made a substantial wholesale order with a boutique yesterday and filled another gallery with my winter's work too.
    I'm glad things are better for you this week too, Let's hear it for chiropractors!

  5. Glad the week is better Hope friday ends with a big smile on you face!!

  6. The problems just get bigger as they do ... and so do your worries. That's being a Mum who cares! Just keep loving.
    Pleased to give you info on my concertina card and hope you get time to make one! Thanks for the thanks!!!
    Jo x

  7. Sounds like you have had a super week, Penny! and I agree with the others, a mom you will always be! I think it's something that grows within us and it never goes!

    Have a super weekend! A tidy craft room eh!

  8. wish I was gardening this weekend insteadof moving but SOOOn I hope!!

  9. Just sent you an email and NOW blogger tells me you've posted a blog! Glad to hear all well and better than last week. How great to have, 1 - a child to borrow, s - having been at his birth, 3 - he wants to come and stay with you, you're not having to persuade him. Sounds like you're doing something right! Thanks for always dropping by my blog-let, I love to see you popped in.


  10. Fantastic Rockin' Week. I don't think you'll ever stop being Mum so don't even try :P Your relationship with Louis sounds just wonderful :)

    All the blossom is out round here too, it's so beautiful and always reminds me of my Mum who loved cherry blossom trees. I may have to see if I can get a small one to take in a tub in our yard...

    I really must check out Anna Nalik too. I am the same with my Jace Everret cd - even Ruby my toddler is learning the words now *g*

  11. oooh I hate it when it is THAT tidy!! glad your week is better!

  12. Oh you'll never be able to stop playing Mum - its instinctive! They call - you respond - simple as! Love your art today too - mavigation stamps mmmm, I might need some of those!


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