Wednesday, 19 May 2010


This week I was given a Sunshine Award by Virginia of Celtic House. Virginia started the 'Rocking My World Friday' phenomenon on her fun and funky blog. I was very quick to jump on her bandwagon and play along. Thank you Virginia for giving me this lovely award and, for making me think about the many reasons I have to be cheerful!
The deal is, the recipients of this award pass it on to others and these are the people I'd like to pass it on to:-

Chriss Rollins at the Artist Trading Club - who tirelessly organises 'Swap Til You Drop' - an ATC exchange and is so very welcoming and encouraging. Visit her at

Jo at Fiddlesnips - an old friend, once lost and now found who's lovely artwork I've always admired and who's words and swaps I cherish. Jo can be found at

Yvonne at ARTic Blonde Creations - a new made friend who's unique style and personality have been an inspiration almost every day since we 'met' - check her out at

Penny at The Hen House - who's beautiful blog makes me laugh and cry in equal measure. She writes about her life in a way that makes me feel like I'm sharing it with her - stop by and pay her a visit, if you haven't already at

Jan at Jans Arty ATC Journey - a fellow ATC addict and one of the first people I ever swapped with in Blogland. Her blog is packed full with wonderful delights and her ATCs are divine. Drop by and have a browse at


  1. Thank 'ee Pen, both for the ray of sunshine and such kind words and blog-plug! Tomorrow I will happily pass on the sunshine (though I have fewer blogging chums to pass it on to). Tara for now, Chuck. xx

  2. Thank you, Penny! Very thoughtful of you and much appreciated :)

  3. Ah bless you Penny - loving to see the acceptance speech and now being passed on to amazing people who also have awesome blogs - I will check the out! Hope you are having a fabulous day!


  4. Awww thanks Penny, you've made my day by giving me some sunshine! Thanks for the lovely comments...and you know that I think your artwork is awesome too!
    Jan x

  5. Oh Penny ! Thank you so much & for the sweet thing you said. Lovely & made my day - thank you xx

  6. Thank you Penny this ray of sunshine came at just the right time :)

    I just love to come over and read your blog as well as see your art.

    chriss x


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