Friday, 7 May 2010


My daughter Hannah showed up with arms full of paint testers which she'd tried out on the kitchen walls of her new home - all creams and greens - yum!

Peeled Paint tutorial on the Artist Trading Club blog. I LOVED doing this! Haven't perfected it, but I'm trying to work it up.

Being asked to guest on Dragons Dream Tag It On blog - how great is that? I got very skippy! Just lovely to be asked.

The chiropractor's ability to make my spine make noises like I've never heard before! Oweee.

A playdate with Alison this morning - a blogland friend who has become a friend in real life!

A box of wooden dominoes which are going to make perfect covers for concertina books ...... to be seen here soon! (fingers crossed).

The realisation that, I really want to concentrate on making altered art pieces. Now focus Pen, focus!!!

The patience of all the people I am late sending to! I have been very tardy getting some things done.

I'd love to know what is rockin' the worlds of my fellow bloggers .....please, do share .....


  1. I'm not surprised yo've been asked to be the Guest Designer for the Tag peeps - you are, as I've previously said, the Queen of Tags! Try not to be over-skippy though, you know it'll do your back in again. Lots of lovely lovelinesses this week, thank you for sharing.


  2. Congrats on being ask to be the quest designer, you'll do great. As for me and what I've been up to not much but alot of work and the one great nap!

  3. Oh I love your Rocking your World Friday - Chiropractors can be amazing in the right settings so I'm glad they're working their magic! Guest Designer - that's awesome - love it and I can't wait to see what you're doing with the wooden dominoes! Hope you're having a great Saturday


  4. Great post--love what's making your world rock!

  5. Sorry not been by for a world is rocking with blinking boxes ROFL... have still to unpack about fifty of the blighters... wish me luck! Have a goodly weekend xx

  6. It was great to see you again Penny, enjoyed our little play! Congrats on the Dragons Dream guest thingy, well-deserved, must check it out! Look forward to seeing lots more altered art very soon too!
    Alison xx

  7. Hope the noises made by the chiropractor made a positive difference!

  8. Wow, lots of good things happening in your world. Good on you!

    Shirl x

  9. OMG! I forgot Rockin My World Friday! Aaaargh! I'll remedy that later.

    Congrats on the guest DT, very much deserved I'd say and those dominoes sound interesting! Can't wait to see all your altered thingamajigs!

  10. Just loving reading about all your doings. Congrats on the guest blogging gig! I look forward to seeing what you do with those dominoes and other altered art focuses :) Your creative energy abounds and inspires!! xox


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