Thursday, 10 June 2010


Today, my world is Rockin because I received a lovely surprise from Jan who very generously bestowed this award upon me. I am so chuffed. Jan and I have swapped atcs and hers are fantastic. Her blog is a lovely place to visit and I urge you to go meet her if you haven't already at Http://

The deal is I tell you ten things about myself that you don't know and that, I pass this award on to 10 blogs I admire. There are so, so many that I love, it'll be no easy task whittling it down to just 10 but I'll do my best.

The ten things you didn't, but do now know are:

I'm a qualified but currently non-practising Counsellor.

I'm hoping to qualify as a Hypno-therapist.

I have moved house more times than is probably decent!

I met my beloved fiancee through a Dating Agency ... and, He is The One.

On my childhood passport it says 'Colour of Hair ..... Golden' - bless my Mum, who clearly couldn't call me Ginger even on an official document!

When I was a child I had an imaginary friend called Marley. I do wish we had kept in touch but, as so often happens, we drifted apart as we grew up.

My name isn't really Penny. Officially, I'm Kay (Penelope).

Last year I learned to draw.... and, drew a picture for my fiancees Xmas present. I am immensely proud of it but wonder at my choice of subject matter. Its of a Lady of the Night in a Graveyard. Not sure if its says more about Him or about me! Drawing was one of my lifelong ambitions and I managed it only with the generosity of my talented artist friend and neighbour Jo. The picture is top right.

I have a fascination for co-incidence. When I was a teenager my Dad bought me a book called 'Honest Penny' he'd picked up in Smiths for 50p. It was about Slot Machines and having no interest in such things, the book kicked around our house for about ten years before my elder brother bothered to flick through it. Stunned, he found a photo in the book that made him go pale. Staring back up at him from the pages was a photograph of Him, the younger of my two brothers John, and my cousin Graham queuing up to put money in a slot machine. None of us knew the photo even existed, let alone had been published in a book bearing my name which my Dad would then buy as a bit of a joke. Weird or what?

I was mathematically phobic at secondary school and regularly used to throw up before lessons - I was allowed to
give up studying maths! Which, is why you'll still see me counting on my fingers and toes and anybody elses who'll let me!


MOTM: The Dave Matthews Band - anything and everything but Crash in particular.

How has your world been Rockin' this week?
Virginia at Celtic House would love to know too. She's started an epidemic of good vibes with this idea!



  1. I love the weirdness of co-incidence. How amazing that the photograph of your family was in the book!!That is cool. I love your drawing, too!!!
    Thanks so very much for considering me for this wonderful award! You sure know how to make a person feel special.

  2. You are, indeed, a beautiful blogger Kay! Great personal info, love the slot machine pic/book story - weird or what?! Have a lovely weekend my friend, xx

  3. I love your rocking your world this week - learning little bits about you that I wouldn't know, the coincidences are awesome!

  4. Wow, your story is amazing Penny! I do love coincidences.
    That's for putting me on your list - I'm very honoured!

  5. Me to I'm honoured to be in your list!
    Thank you very much,Penny!

  6. Hun I just read you request - please copy the photo - it is just beautiful isn't it!

  7. I really loved reading your list today and have a request - will you post a bigger piccy of your drawing so I can ogle the details? It looks amazing. What a fabulous present to give someone.

    I met my OH online too :P

  8. Wow! Thank you for the lovely honour - much appreciated.

    And Congratulations on receiving it yourself of course, lol.

    Great to read those facts, too - love that drawing! You're gifted - wish I could improve my drawing... Also love the spooky slot machine story - that must have been a real shock!

    Re your Maths phobia, I can well understand that, having managed to drop it myself at school, but I've finally faced up to it this year and just did my final exam this morning. Fingers crossed, won't need to do it EVER again...

    Thanks again, Pen (or Kay, lol)!

  9. Congratulations. Coincidence is a major force in how I enjoy life. Whatever you may call it. There's always a reason something happens.

  10. Dear fellow summer goth :0), thankyou so much for giving me an award. Loved reading all about you- I wasn't a great fan of maths but didnt throw up before a lesson, what a shame!! That must have been awful as its a lesson that turns up on a timetable pretty regularly.You made me chuckle re wishing you'd kept in touch with Marley. Re your book discovery, I once went into a book shop in Brighton, one I'd always walked straight past, opened a book on underwater swimming babies (as ya do lol) and there was my eldest son when he was tiny!!! So then I had to buy it! Fate...great believer.

  11. Your drawing is beautiful -you are very talented! Thank you for sharing some cool facts about yourself and of course thank you for thinking of my blog with this lovely mention and award- so very thoughtful of you. Look forward to more of your drawings!

  12. Oh wow! What a coincidence!
    Loving your rockin' thoughts for the week.
    Sue xx

  13. Fascinating facts! If you love swapping atcs keep an eye on the stampmans blog - the new atc swap starts on July 1st!

  14. That is incredible about the penny book ! Serendipidy. I wish I'd been let off maths for sickness - I just used to take myself to the school nurse who let us get away with murder ! ( of the maths teacher ? )


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