Monday, 25 October 2010


Dear Jackie, and several other of my blogland friends have asked how I am and where I've been. I've been struggling with real life which has thrown several swerve balls our way recently. My Dad, my daughter and my son have all had stays in hospital over the past few weeks. Hannah wasn't well in Brighton whilst my Dad was in hospital in London having had a heart bypass operation. Impossible to be in two places at once. Han was soon better. Dad, not so soon altho' he's recovering gradually having suffered two minor strokes while they mended his heart. Rowan was in hospital for most of last week and I had to leave my poor Mum to manage on her own. I've hardly had any time (or urge) to be creative but, now that we've had time to brush ourselves down and, pick ourselves up again ... I am making a gentle start. Everyone has been very kind and once again I've marvelled at the support we've been given. It sure makes my soul smile to have such kind and generous friends. Thank you all.


  1. My thoughts are with you Penny. Illness in the family takes its toll. I hope things are settling down for you all now. Take care. x

  2. Oh My Goodness, you and your family really are going through a tough time aren't you. I do hope everyone is on the mend. Take care of YOURSELF too, flower. Sounds like you're the glue holding it all together.


  3. So sorry you've had such a bad time recently, Pen. I'll be thinking of you. Hope things do pick up for you from now on.


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