Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I spent today prepping all the various coasters I've gathered, in readiness for the fun part ... the stamping. This one was china and a tad awkward as it has a raised edge ... I have enough trouble stamping on a flat surface! Strangely, these seem to be turning out a dream. DD Hannah saw this and put in a request for a set for her new house in Brighton which I saw for the first time last weekend. I went to uni in Brighton as a mature student and Han, then 8 years old and I lived on campus for a year. The young students all loved her and used to take her shopping down the lanes while I was studying. Its always felt like a second home to us and now I have lots of reasons to make the trip more often.


  1. Oh, this is marvelous, Penny! I have no idea how you could stamp so well with there being a raised edge! Well done! Is there some sort of sealer put on after the stamping?

  2. Happy memories for you - and now Hannah's lives in Brighton so there must be happy memories for her too!

    I too have no idea how you have stamped so successfully with the raised edge - totally flat still presents problems for me! I'm loving these coasters, keep 'em comin'.


  3. Thankyou Ladies! I'm on a bit of a roll with these. I seem to get in a groove and then ... get stuck in it... doing same thing over and over! Yvonne, I just paint one coat of matt varnish over the surface. Totally invisible but, makes it wipe cleanable! Jo, I've got no idea either! tee hee xxx

  4. Penny these are fabulous ! Will you do enough to sell a few ?
    They are TOTALLY Brighton ! I used to work in Dukes Lane & love Brighton & have very dear friends there but never get back ..... I must I must !

  5. Penny, you're right you must! You'd have a great time. I'm flattered you think these would sell! I wouldn't know where to start so I'll probably give them as Xmas gifts. What did you do in Dukes Lane? x


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