Friday, 12 November 2010

While I have been neglecting my motherly duties, and focusing more on my daughterly ones, my darling boy has had to home educate himself pretty much. I gave him the Photoshop Manual and suggested he might like to start working his way through it. Yesterday was the first time we sat down together in weeks and this was what we created. Clever boy! So, he didn't just stare at the ceiling all day while I was gone, then. I have no patience for following instructions but I do enjoy being shown how to do things. Rowan has now got his work cut out for him...I don't seem able to learn so quickly any longer. I loved the Kubler-Ross quotation .... I think its so true. I know I was horrid during our recent stressful period. My inner light needs work.


  1. I'm sure your inner light was still there, Penny - just shrouded by circumstance. It'll flicker back into life again and you'll feel better.

    Brilliant work by Rowan - I'm sure he's had a great time (I expect there was a little bit of ceiling gazing, but wouldn't you, given half a chance??!!). That is a super quote, too.

    Good to see you back in Blogland, thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.


  2. Your inner light has never dulled, Pen! This is a gorgeous piece, can't wait to see more!


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