Thursday, 3 September 2009


I made this accordion book for my friend Espe who is, herself, a small thing of beauty! I made it for her to thank her for all her tireless help teaching my son Spanish as part of his home education. I'm certain it's the favourite part of his week! Possibly mine too! Ha ha. She is a lovely, gentle soul who has coaxed him to take his Spanish lessons seriously. I'm always amazed how much he's learnt.

It is made from decorating lining paper and painted with the ends of some emulsion I had knocking around in the shed. I then embossed and stamped the images which I decorated it with. I loved doing this and went through a phase of making loads. We also had a masterclass in our ATC group where everyone made one. They are such fun to make. The hardest part was definitely painting the lining paper! At one point I had strips and strips of painted lining paper hanging from my washing line. Fortunately my lovely neighbour Jo is an artist herself and has not yet had me committed!

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  1. I can really imagine you hanging wallpaper on your washing line! & your neighbours being only slightly curious of the strange actions of the lady at no.** again. Well it paid off i love the accordion books.


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