Thursday, 17 September 2009


This picture was created by my wonderful friend Janet. She gave it to me as a birthday gift and I vowed, on that day, only to put things on display in my house created by people I know. Janet is a very talented artist working largely in watercolours in ways that never cease to amaze me. She has such natural creative flair and this is reflected in everything she does - her clothes, jewellery, art and home decor. She has, over the years, made jewellery, ceramics, drawn in pencil and many other mediums.
This picture arose out of a swimming trip we made together. We both emerged from the changing rooms wearing almost identical black and white swimming costumes but, because of the differing shapes of us both, sporting a completely different look which caused us to collapse into giggles. I absolutely treasure this picture, as I do my longstanding friendship with Janet which has been a constant since we met in our teens despite the sometimes physical distance! Jan, we need a girly get-together that lasts at least a week xxx

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