Thursday, 17 September 2009


This atc is one which arose from a challenge that I decided to set for myself. Being a very 'natural' tones fanatic, I felt I needed to work with a bit more colour. Altho the colours haven't reproduced very well in the photo, they are actually very vibrant and vivid with acid green tones. I picked three stamps with my eyes shut (!) and was amazed at how well they worked together. The right hand image is of a car, the girls were from a fashion plate and the typewritten text is an old favourite of mine. I made the atc into a focal image for a calendar I'm still in the process of making.... bout two years after I started it.
I tend to have a collection of 'favourite' stamps which I use over and over again and then, I have those which I like, but never seem to do anything successful with! So, to try to force myself into at least playing with them, rather than avoiding using them, I occasionally do the whole random choice thing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it all just ends up in the bin.

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