Friday, 2 October 2009


I was rootling about in a cupboard and found a box full of unused frames of all shapes and sizes - what a travesty! They are all in need of urgent filling and so, I've decided to set myself a challenge. I'm going to aim to fill one frame per week and now that I've said it out loud on my blog (even if I am talking almost to myself!), I will have to do it. I'm half way through the first one (which has taken me longer than a week already and has seen one attempt hit the bottom of the bin!) so I'll be posting that as soon as its completed. After which, one a week will appear. Bang goes any hope of my even making a dent in the EEC Ironing Mountain which seems to have taken over my bedroom! (Doesn't matter, I won't be in there will I? I'll be in my craft room!).

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