Sunday, 4 October 2009


This tree has always fascinated me. It looks like its been struck by lightening and at dusk, its very eerie. A few nights ago as we walked the dogs, we saw a flock of about 100 rooks all flying together just before roosting in the surrounding trees and I noticed that there were three or four, quite separate from the main group, who settled into the lightening tree. We watched the bulk of the birds doing their frenzied dance for quite some time, but I couldn't work out the role of those in the tree. It occurred to me that they seemed to be acting as look outs. When I got home (kicking myself becos I'd not had the camera with me to capture ths magical event), I looked rooks behaviour up on the internet. This is apparently their 'before bed' ritual and often several groups will unite to sleep in the same place. And, each group sends out a sentry to warn of danger. I think these birds are fascinating and altho my photo wasn't of that time, I was pleased I managed to capture two crows in flight behind their lookout tree.

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