Monday, 23 November 2009

Alice Frame

Continuing the pink and orange theme.......! I couldn't get enough of the colours I used to make these background papers - they look so warm and sumptuous. Had a frame just waiting to be filled and this was the outcome. I just carried on stamping Alice stamps until one jumped out at me wanting to be used. Although I've put it together, I've since thought of a mile of improvements I can make to this so it'll be back off the wall before it can gather dust so that I can fiddle with it some more. I just love the reclining lady stamp at the bottom.

Went to an art class at the Craft Barn with Sue Roddis on Saturday. We made a metal work tree which we attached to a canvas. I struggled a bit in this class - always do with anything metal - even tho' I really love the look of it. I think I'm just too heavy handed. So, I've got a partially finished canvas to play with next and I'm busily formulating plans for it in my head. Whether I'll remember them by the time I get to do it remains to be seen .....

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  1. Hi there, thought I would come over and look at your blog and thank you for your kind comments. I really love this picture, the colours are beautiful, will become a follower. Happy belated 50th birthday :)

    Carol x


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