Monday, 30 November 2009


It's the start of the Silly Season tomorrow, being the 1st December and so, I've decided to set myself a seasonal challenge - to make, and upload a different tag for every day of the month leading up to Xmas. I got off to a great start today - I cut out the first twelve tags (from some card I pilfered from a skip outside a printers which was moving premises!) and made this, my first attempt. It's actually much prettier than it looks in the photo which is irritating! I've also painted the 2nd ready to start work on tomorrow!
In preparation for Xmas I've also made the first two of a pile of ring bound books which I intend to give as gifts. This involved much fiddling about with the bind-it-all which is my current favourite gadget now that the brains of the outfit, Mal, painstakingly explained how to use! A success so far. I'm going to have to keep using it becos I just know that if I put it away for as little as a week I won't have a clue how to use it again!
There is no getting away from it .... Christmas is a-coming and so I'd like to extend goodwill to all women in the run up. We're sure going to need it girls!

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