Monday, 23 November 2009


This card is for someone very dear to me but who shall have to remain nameless as she may well read my blog! Got on a bit of a roll with the whole Wonderland theme and out of my earlier attempt came this. This combines two sets of Alice stamps and I particularly like the mad hatter stamped along the bottom. Unusually I used a preprinted card background simply because the colourways matched the paper I'd made and I was really nervous about stamping directly on to it as I didn't have much! Luckily my first attempt worked ok. I've had the bright pink raffia for years - it originally came from the wrapping on a bunch of flowers. I couldn't bear to throw it away and painstakingly salvaged it never quite knowing where it'd end up. But this card gave me the perfect opportunity to use it as fringing down the spine. I simply punched holes, added eyelets and threaded the raffia through..... at last, it's found a home!

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