Monday, 11 January 2010


How bad is this? I took this picture of the post Xmas apocalypse which was my desk. I'd been busily making bound books as gifts and ran out of time for tags, cards and anything else whatsoever. Between Xmas and New Year managed one day to tidy and put away everything I'd been using which was a relief but I still couldn't get in there to craft anything! Must try harder - ha ha - I say that all the time.
I know Xmas has truly been and gone when I find myself with a pile of unmounted rubber stamps which need to go back to whence they came. Am I alone in needing to spend hours filing rubber? I know, I know ... I should replace each one after I've stamped with it - but chances of that when I'm on a crafting roll is ..... non-existent.
So, the xmas wood mounted are back on the shelves and the unmounteds are all back in their various video boxes (which also had to be refiled on the shelves!) and now, I have no more excuses. I just have to get back in there and mess it all up again.

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  1. lol... i dont have a work space but my kitchen table, coffee table and a tv~table are very similar to this! i have the actual work space of about 7 x 5" god knows how i actually manage to make anything! lol


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