Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I made this ATC some time ago for a swap with the bi-monthly group I go to. The subject was 'Flight' and I went off on a flight of fancy trying to find a non-aeronautical approach to the subject. I'd been walking around humming 'I Could've Danced All Night' when it came to me - 'When All At Once, My Heart Took Flight' and, this rather more pretty than usual (for me!) atc was the result.


  1. I can understand why you felt like dancing!
    And doesn't our heart take flight, when we find our love? I believe your card turned out sweet!
    Now, get out your prettiest pen and hand it to someone that helps you takeoff! :)

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  2. this is so very pretty & dainty.

    Glad you are getting to grips with blogging - there are so mant gadgets & gismos !

  3. This is a beautiful card- I enlarged it and the details are scrumptious- wonderful vintage color hues as well. Also, I too have one of those techno-sons; only he does things so fast that when he shows me I forget too quickly!

  4. I enlarged and this is such a delicate lovely card! Beautiful details!


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