Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I have been becoming increasingly frantic about how to tidy up my blog and try to get my photos linking more directly with my text. Have spent hours trying to work out what I've been doing wrong. Checked out the video tutorial and thought I had it sussed but no, couldn't find the toolbar to use to follow the tutorial. Feeling utterly defeated I was about to give up when I decided to ask my 13 year old son Rowan if he could help. Took him all of 2 seconds despite his never having looked at the blog before! I am hoping this will now work and make things easier and tidier! Thank goodness for nontechnophobic young men!


  1. And so there is a picture, and a lovely one at that!

  2. blog works a lot better now..doesnt surprise me as my 10yr old is the same when I gave him my old mobile phone he had found all kinds of things on it! thanks for visiting my blog today glad you liked the bleach backgrounds..talking of backgrounds there are some great free ones out there click the top left of mine to have a look


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