Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Healing Wishes....

Today as I've been journeying around many, many wonderful blogs, I've stumbled over several people who are struggling in one way or another and who have been prepared to share that in the arena of their blogs. Some of their stories, told very straightforwardly tho' they are, have made me gasp.

Some time ago now, a dear friend of mine was very unwell and we were all very afraid of what the outcome would be and she occupied my thoughts and wishes above all else. Fortunately her story had a happy ending. At this time, I was exploring the whole idea of creativity and was reading and working with the book 'The Power of Your Other Hand - A course in Channeling the Inner Wisdom of the Right Brain' by Lucia Capacchione. Simultaneously, I was experiencing terrible insomnia and would spend half the night wide awake listening to the ticking of the clock. In the early hours of one morning, I'd been reading the book, was thinking about my friend I wrote this (with my non-dominant hand). It didn't feel like it was me who'd written it. Felt like it came from somewhere (but not someone) other than myself. I sent it to my friend at the time and have since, sent it to one new friend in Blogdom. Most of the things I write hit the bottom of the bin, are under lock and key and certainly never see the light of day, or expose themselves to the Jokers & the Thieves (the critics and detractors). But this seems different and I write it here for all those people who are finding life difficult.

Healing Wishes...
~ Take time to be with yourself

~ Do not ignore the small, quiet voice of your own self for it speaks to you with wisdom and understanding

~ Recognize the part of you which are unappealing - learn to love them, even so

~ Befriend yourself. Accept the unacceptable.

~ Find your voice and be unafraid to speak your truth

~ Acknowldege your pain, for it has helped shape you

~ Be assured that your lessons present themselves for a reason

~ Recognize your limitations, remaining willing always to extend yourself beyond them

~ Reach out your hand - do not avoid connection for you have much to offer

~ Reach out your hand - accept the gift of connection

~ Do not rush to pull yourself together - you remain you even when you fragment

~ Reorganize the pieces of yourself into a whole of your own making

~ Rid yourself of all admonishments

~ Be your very own best friend

~ Smile kindly down upon yourself

~ Remember to gaze heavenward in wonder

~ Dance barefoot in the dew

~ Welcome yourself with open arms and,

~ Drink deeply from the cup of life

~ x


  1. Powerful quotes, Penny! It gave me shivers reading, but it is so truthful. Thanks for sharing my friend!

  2. So glad you wrote such a lovely comment on my blog ( thank you) as it led me to your valuable piece of philosophy. Spread it further as I am sure it will help many. You have a talent not to be wasted.

  3. I especially like the first saying. Your post reminds me of when I studied psychology and art at college..the right side of the brain is the creative side of us which I prefer to the left logical. We dont use a lot of our old brain and this is where I think a lot of our spirituality, deja vu, odd coincidences come from. I think that is the reason why I live to create so much as to me its a form of escapism and a place where I can be me..who cares if other people dont like it as long as I find it thereapeutic is all that matters really. Saying that though I would like to thank you for all the kind comments on my arty stuff.

  4. I am saving this!!!!!!!!
    thank you so much for posting it, it means more than you know.
    I am so glad you came by and left that generous comment!!

  5. Beautiful quotes...So true..
    I love reading your posts.
    Your art and words are so inspiring :)

  6. thank you for taking the time and leaving such wonderful comments..I treasure them and all the others.
    Such wonderful quotes...they really do speak to me at the moment.
    thank you for sharing x

  7. thoughtful and beautiful post, so deeply heart felt. thank you for this!

  8. Wow! Powerful stuff! And so true! No matter what, we ARE strong. We DO have the POWER to BE ourselves no matter what! It's SO very, very important to learn to know ourselves and to stand firm about our values and beliefs.
    Sometimes it's a lonely road! Not often do others fully understand our personal challenges, but that's ok! Affirming ourselves is what is most important, no matter what!
    Thank you for this wonderful, empowering post!

  9. It's all been said, your words are beautiful.

    Thank you.

    Chriss x

  10. Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog.
    You have many wonderful pieces of art here as well as many interesting things to read. I chose to respond to this post because it has touched me, like it has the other readers.
    I shall be drinking deeply from the cup of life whilst dancing barefoot in the dew.

  11. Hi Penny,

    I love what you have written, it is very powerful, you should definitely embrace your talent for writing. I will be back, love your art too. Thanks for visiting my blog tonight (Australian time) I'm so glad that you enjoyed your visit. Please stop by again.


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