Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Not much crafting activity taking place today which is frustrating as now I'm over my 'nothing working' period (fingers crossed), I'd like nothing better than to get in my room and busy myself. As it is, my back is particularly bad and I feel a bit good for nuthin! Couldn't even manage to accompany golden boy (my son Rowan) on the dog walk today. They both came home looking like swamp monsters so I'm not sure how sorry I am not to have been able to go! That's Ro with Ripley on the right. Took this picture of the boys a couple of days ago and can't resist posting it. Give them a bag, a box or a basket and they're never happier! Bliss. Blue Boy is on the left and Red Boy, on the right. Whenever I'm trying to round the cats up before bedtime and I ask Mal which colour cat he's got, he still says 'black!' but I think he's just trying to appear unimpressed and that really, he does know which is which. He better!


  1. sorry to hear that your back is still troubling!
    sending get well wishes to be sure..

    and look at those little lovelies
    cat and dogs...our family zoo sends hellos!

  2. Thank you Milady. Hope all is well with you and yours x


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