Monday, 1 February 2010


Caught Blue cat napping on my son's bed the other evening. He'd really got himself settled in and snugged up and it made me laugh out loud. I know you're probably not to have a favourite pet when you've got a house full, but, this is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever been lucky enough to share a home with and I can't sleep at night until he's come home.


  1. ooh just seen your lovely comment - thank you !

    I think we have a lot in common ! Our youngest cat Billy ( the kit the fat Git ) does that too - sooooo cute

    ( four hens, three cats, two dogs and one long suffering husband who escapes to his boat very often ! ) add to that Two Teens - J & J & you have The Hen House ! Getting back into my art work after being " Mum " 100 % - over on my other blog The Linen Shelf .

    So good to meet you xx

  2. Oh he looks so comfy - cats have that knack don't they. I know what you mean about favourites though - I have a house of 5 pets, two dogs and 3 cats and my oldest cat, who is now 17 is my special one. Come along and try the inchies - you'll love doing them

  3. Aw Bless you - thanks for your comment. Your work is stunning !!!

    Our oldest cat Bramble - nine yrs has just had a funny turn again - he's had so many accidents & is now fighting what may be a tumour growing though for ages was treated as an inner ear infection.

    Our old boy Sam - Golden Retriever, will be 15 in March. He's so slow now & getting slower all the time - partially deaf & blind too but still in good spirits.

    I hate to say it but I think this year will be his last and I'm a bit worried that Bramble will deteriorate too. He is adorable & belongs to my daughter.

    My son has Frankie the most beautiful dainty grey tabby and I have Billy the adorable fat git Kit !!!

    YES - it is a mad house !

  4. Difficile vie de chat !:-)


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