Thursday, 18 February 2010

Minchies, Skinnies & Moos - Please explain?!

I've been hopping around lots of other blogs over the past couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I love seeing what other people are doing and what they've got to say about it. But I'm a bit stumped by some of the terms that are being used. I don't know what a Minchy, Skinny or Moo means. Can anyone out there explain to me please? There seems to be a whole world out there that's passing me by!


  1. hi, i try to give you some help..:)

    MOO cards are small long cards named after the company, who prints your artwork (or any pictures) in size 1,1 x 2,76 inch. this format obviously was appealing to many artists and so this size was chosen to make mini-format-art.

    SKINNIES are longish vertical cards... i´m not sure if there is a "standard" size, but they should be at least/about twice as long as the width. f.e. 3 x 7 inch is a common size.

    i never heard of "minchies", but out there are INCHIES (little artwork squares 1x1 inch sized) and TWINCHIES (squares 2x2 inch)

    happy creating anyway, in which size ever;))

  2. I was going to say about moo cards - don't know of the others.

    It's a whole new language to learn here in Blogland !

  3. Thanks for your help. I was getting a bit lost! I shall try my hand at them all at some point x

  4. A Minchie is a Mini Inchie. Each image is about 1/2" square.

    the rest is posted by johanna :) :)

  5. I see you already have all the answers :)
    Well, I'd heard of Moo and skinnies, but a Minchie is a new one for me too!

  6. Well, hello, Heavens to Betsy! Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for taking the time to say hi!

    My goodness, but Minchies and Moos are new to mee too! Thanks for asking the question. Now I know something new!

    Inchies I do! But Minchies? My goodness! We need fairies, tiny, wee ones, to help us create these! LOL!

    Now...go digging in that trash can you threw everything away into and I'll bet you can find some "ingredients" to make something fabulous! Maybe we can come up with a new title to add to Moos and Minchies...maybe Scrappies!



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