Saturday, 13 February 2010


I'm having a bit of an enthusiasm for all things Royal of late. Not sure where it's come from but I'm kinda glad it's here. Laid up with a bad back at the moment so can't do much apart from craft, in short bursts only. But, I started playing around with this idea late yesterday and couldn't leave it alone. Wasn't at all what I'd started out intending to do, but I enjoyed watching her evolve before me. I'm fascinated by the way that happens. Start out with quite a firm idea, which then gets replaced by something else entirely. In fact, the whole creative process fascinates me - where the idea originates from, how we go about executing it, how it changes and most importantly of all, how the finished piece makes us feel. And, what's even more fascinating is how the process is so very different for each of us. So very unique and personal. I'd love to hear about how it happens for you ....? I would like to tip my hat here to Jan of JansArtyAtcJourney who sent me the most gorgeous royal atc (see earlier post). I used Jans piece as inspiration for mine altho the end result is entirely different - Thanks Jan. I don't think I will ever be able to do pretty despite all my efforts!


  1. QUOTE (you)
    "And, what's even more fascinating is how the process is so very different for each of us. So very unique and personal."

    so true. And it by day for me...very much mood driven!

    than k you for adding your word to the joo joo bean game. i often puzzle at how my children ever got fed, clothed or otherwise cared for...with the "language" they were uttering! LOL

    do hope your back stops hurting and you begin to mend...spring is so close!

  2. Thank you My Lady Muse for your kind words.
    You're right - it does vary day to day too. Does your muse ever desert you I wonder?!
    It is a miracle that the children survived when I spent so much time rolling around laughing at the things they said!
    I'm sure we will all welcome the Spring with widely open arms.

  3. great card and beackground.
    beautiful royal image

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, you made me :-)
    I so agree with what you say about the creative process, it's fascinating isn't it? Even if I have an idea in my head it never turns out that way! Sometimes I am asked where I get my ideas from and in all honesty, I haven't a clue LOL!
    Lovely ATC, especially like the butterfly wings.
    Kate x

  5. Wow, love your royal theme cards! This one is a stunner!
    Awww thanks for the mention! Your cards are inspiring also.
    I always have ideas in my head, but they usually dont look the same when put to paper, so I usually have a little play around, before I'm happy with the end result!
    Hope your back feels better soon!
    Jan x

  6. Heaven ATC hun, sorry to hear you are suffering with your back...I know how you feel so you have my every sympathy...take it easy xx

  7. This is beautiful -symbolic and expressive. My husband and I were just talking about royalty and the history and cultural symbolism is fascinating. Hope your back heals and you recover soon! Also, thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog!

  8. well hello there! thanks for visiting my blog! love your post, the whole idea of the creative spark is pretty intriguing I think! I don't know where they come from, I only know that I can rarely get them all down and more come tumbling down!! like this royal atc, I have a royal thing going on too, but they have more to do with my own fantasies about being the queen in my own life!! LOL!! caterina

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY fot the 15th Penny Have a fabulous time !
    Love another Penny x

  10. WOW your ATC is just stunning. I do alot of Challenge to get my inspiration and
    I alway have in mind the look I am going for but by the time I'm finished it usally looks totally different.

  11. This is stunning and very creative !!

  12. Gorgeous art piece. Beautifully created! Hugs, Gayle.


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