Sunday, 21 February 2010


Help! My Muse is Missing In Action! I don't know what has happened but everything I touch turns to litter! My wastebasket is overflowing. Got lots of ideas - lists of them in fact - but, not one thing can I transfer from my head to paper successfully. I am sorely miffed as I've alloted myself crafting time and now feel i've wasted it. I've tried doodling backgrounds for the Artists Trading Club challenge - just looks a mess! I'm trying to stamp some multicoloured circus performers --- in the bin! I'm sure the answer is just to go play around and see what I end up but even playing seems like hard work...Whatever is a girl to do in these circumstances? Ironing, I suppose. Sigh...


  1. play around is what you said and the best art comes of it, just play with no pressure!

  2. Oh, if only this Muse could be your Muse :)

    But, I happen to know your Muse...and she is on a mini sabbatical..but do not, she is packing her bags and is flying your way at top speed!!

    She will be beside you once more...and your work shall flow with great ease! :)

    The Muse invites you to visit her new posts at~ (prose) (just for fun) (design) (word games)

  3. I tried to doodle & stamp yesterday to no avail so put everything away ! Hope you are inspired again soon xx

  4. I would love to have 'her royal highness' in my collection I adore her wings as a collar are you up for a swap because and at last I have time to create a swap with you.

    The picture of you and your man is lovely and you must love him very much to clean his

    chriss x

  5. I can relate to having time to make something but finding that nothing seems to turn out the way you hope... I am sure that you will find your mojo again soon. I have recently taken up zentangle style doodling for when I want to feel as though I am creating but my brain or body won't cooperate.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and all your lovely comments. It means a lot to me!
    Debbie of Senses Engaged


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