Monday, 22 February 2010


Over at the Artists Trading Club this month's swap is Cookies which I understand as atcs which contain some form of doodling. These 'Jump for Joy Boys' are my effort and I am inordinately pleased to see them as they are the first thing to emerge from my playroom that hasn't involved much cursing and stamping of my feet(as described in previous post). So, managing to make ANYTHING at all was a very sweet relief. I am at such a loss when I can't make things .... I have a reaction almost akin to panic! Really, the whole sweaty palm syndrome! I guess it's because, for me, art has always been so very therapeutic - to be denied that outlet must be utterly dreadful. I read once about a long term prisoner who wasn't allowed access to art materials in his cell and so he had improvised by using his own hair tied to a pencil as a brush and the colour from M&Ms as his paint. That story really made me think about how art can be used to help rehabilitate and to heal in prisons, psychiatric hospitals and hospices and particularly, its use with people who are unable to articulate their pain verbally - children being one example. Sadly, as I understand it, Art Therapy is a dwindling, much less-oft used form of treatment. I would like to see its benefits and importance re-evaluated and its use reinstated. It is a POWERFUL tool which is undervalued.
On a much lighter note (where did all that come from?!) I'm off for a hot date with Sir Tim and the Ranger team on QVC which will no doubt have therapeutic benefits hitherto unimagined!


  1. Love your 'Jump for joy Boys'!! Glad to see you getting your mojo back!!
    Art is definately my therapy! :)
    ...So I agree with you about it being under-valued.
    Oh, I sky-plussed Tim, so will watch it once I get my boys off to school!!
    Jan x

  2. Always love the circus and theater so you can imagine I LOVE this ATC card!

  3. I quite agree with what you said,I just dont know what i would do with my art,Loveeeee your jump for joy boys,thats how i feel today getting my mojo back haha,thankyou for popping by x

  4. thanks so much for your lovely comment on my cosmos atc. I posted it on the wrong blog but will delete and post on my arty retreat one. thanks again i appreciate your kind words
    hugs June xxx

  5. I am a complete believer in the power of art to heal.

  6. when I enlarged these I could see the sparkles !Great fun & so glad you are happy with them too.

    Art therapy is so powefrul why oh why are therapies like this under threat.

    Thanks for all your recent comments xx

  7. These are FAB, Penny! I love how you are able to express yourself with words as well as with art! Truly a wonderful gift!

  8. Your atc`s are beyond gorgeous!
    Fantastic pieces of art!

  9. I see your mojo has returned Penny! these are fabulous! x

  10. Beautiful ATC's - the process of art is healing (and sometimes filled with some bumps) but seeing a completed piece and sharing it is such a rewarding feeling that the process melts away!

  11. Just love your boys :D wonderful cards!!



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