Tuesday, 9 March 2010


This is an atc I made for a swap with Yvonne Dacey of ARtic Blonde creations ... Yvonne chose the theme hats. I'm not sure why I ended up down the macabre headwear route but I thoroughly enjoyed making this. I used some feathers from a masquerade ball mask that my daughter gave me for the purpose of making art ... she didn't ever expect me to be seen dead in it! I love the little gifts my guys bring home for me to play with .... Rowan bought me home a metal clasp he'd found in the fields the other day .... not everyone's cup of tea but to me it was a golden treasure. I will pose Yvonne's hat atc here when it arrives from Canada ... can't wait!


  1. This is really a masterpiece, Penny! I truly do love it.

  2. It's definitely hats off to this imaginative ATC Penny, I just love it!
    Debs :)

  3. Very cool, how fun!!!

  4. This is very cool- love the colors and great feathers!

  5. Fantastic Hat atc!!
    love the added feather!

    Oh Penny, I haven't forgot about our trade, I'll finish your Oooh La La card and get it in the post to you!

    Jan x

  6. I love your "Katrina" the Dia De Los Muertos figure all dressed up with the feathers! she is wonderful!!

  7. Hello there...
    Just wanted to say thank you for visiting my blog...and leaving me such lovely comments...
    I was so suprised how much interest my project got...but I must be doing something right...eh

    I love your blog...your so artistic...I just wouldn't know were to start...though I have dabbled a bit...and hope to learn more in the future...

    Grear ATC, fantastic creation...


  8. Wow thats so special. beautiful work on this one
    by the way, i now give freebies on tuesdays and wednesdays at my other blog if you want them. Just thought i would mention it so you dont miss out http://dezinaworld.blogspot.com/
    Hugs June xxxx

  9. Love your amazing head ATC.
    So cool...so fun.
    Great artwork.

  10. Wow, love this, it is really unique :) How sweet too that your children bring you home bits and pieces to play with. Love it!

  11. ooh spooky love it !
    I keep bringing little treasures back from the beach !

  12. I happen to love day of the dead and skeletons are very friendly to me!!!

  13. loving those images!

  14. This ATC is incredible, Penny! I love everything about it.


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