Friday, 19 March 2010


Over at Celtic House (a very amusing and inspirational blog - do go take a look Virginia has shared what is rocking her world this week and invited us to do the same. If you'd like to join in, let me know and I'll come visit later to find out! What a great game.
Rocking my world this week are:

   Receiving a beautiful gift from my new found BlogFriend
   Yvonne containing so many thoughtful and delightful
   crafting goodies that theres too many to mention.
   I was very touched. Yvonne, you are a star!

   Randomly buying a book in a charity shop for an elderly
   gentleman friend not knowing if he'd be the least bit
   interested in it, but, to my delight (and his) it being a
   book he'd been searching for, and had studied at GCSE
   over 60 years ago. I'm not sure who was happier - John
   or I!

   Receiving the most complimentary email from my friend
   Sarn who is always so encouraging of my creative
   endeavours, but was particularly so this morning!

   Lucy's invite to join her and her friends for a crafting
   get together and making me lol with her description of
   her crafting style - despite being an expert! What a
   delight. Thanks also to Alison for thinking of

   The lovely atc swaps I received this week from Jan,
   Pattie and Yvonne. Plus, the link to a great tutorial
   Pattie supplied. Crafters are such a generous bunch
   in my experience!

   Being invited to be a Contributing Artist for the
   Artistic Stamper. Oh joy! Can't wait to be asked
   to contribute.

   Being invited to  join in a book swap and receiving
   the most charming and gentle list of instructions
   in a lovely card from the obviosuly charming and
   gentle Heather.

   Walking our Ripley dog and having enough confidence
   to trust that he won't harrass any cyclists, joggers or
   horsewomen we might encounter. I'm particularly
   pleased as this means I no longer have to burst into
   sudden sprints in order to catch him! This is an
   improvement I thought we'd never see. Sudden and
   sprint are not two words anyone who's met me are
   likely to associate with me!

   Having a nearly-husband who says 'forget the housework -
   go make art' - MWAW!

   And of course, last, but by no means least - all those
   of you who've followed and commented on my blog. I
   am so enormously chuffed and thrilled to have you
   come visit not to mention AMAZED. And, I really like
   not feeling like I'm talking to myself anymore. So,
   thank you all so very much x


  1. Well now, those are the best reasons I know be rocking! LOL

    Thank you for the Friday morn inquiry...and I certainly wish that idea of a novel continues to flor through your veins.... WINK

  2. a lovely post of gratitude! so nice to hear it all! and congrats on all the creative invitations and gifts!

  3. You do have a rocking world, Pen! Nice to read all your expressions of "rockin". It all starts within. You are one special lady, my friend.

  4. Ooh someone joined in - loving what's rocking your world! Maybe we could get this to catch on.

  5. This is such a nice post- I enjoy hearing all the good things happening for you!

  6. What a rockin good world you have this week. Enjoy!!!!

  7. Awww, what a lovely post!
    ...and what a rockin world you have had this week!!

  8. This is so lovely, Pen. You have such warmth. It is great to appreciate little things in life as we can't wait around for the huge stuff to happen! Mind you, being invited to be Contributing Artist to the Artistic Stamper, that is huge!

    Love what you said about the elderly gentleman and his book.

    When you come over, you know there is a rule not to tell anyone how messy I am!

    Lucy x

  9. I'm off to check out her site - but what a lovely list you made - thanks for checking out my blog x


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