Monday, 19 April 2010

INCHY 'M' - Measurement

I made this Inchy for the InchybyInch challenge after a little gentle encouragement from Jo - thank you Jo! Straight away my mind went to dressmaking and I pulled out all the related stamps I own ... tricky working so small and chose the simplest. Started off stamping on actual dressmaking paper patterns but, couldn't get a result I was content with and so moved on to stamp onto part of an old hessian blind that I have preserved - a whole 4 foot of it - just to use an inch! You can only imagine what a junkyard my playroom is ... but, I always knew I'd NEED it at some point. Only took me 5 years. Ho hum. This stamp of a measuring tape is one of my absolute favourites. I embellished the stamped piece with a dressmaking pin and the tiniest button I could find in my now burgeoning collection. Very simple but I enjoyed making it.


  1. lol... I am so glad that I am not the only one who hoards stuff :D
    What a fab way to use your hessian blind me lovely... you did a brilliant job with your inchie.
    Really clever :D
    Chris xx

  2. Very cute~ I love all the materials you used!

  3. This is fantastic! Amazing inchy, I never thought of 'measurement'. Hope you don't decide to put your blind back up ;O)


  4. I love your inchy - its adorable and a great use of the letter M

  5. Oh I love this to bits! And can see why you love that tape measure stamp!

    Never done inchies - blimey I thought the scale of ATC's was a challenge! :P

  6. p.s, I hoarde EVERYTHING! I even love the different designs of jam jars and chutney jars you get, especially if the glass is shaped or has an image in it, I'm sure I'll use them one day - OH despairs as he is such a tidy freak. He is counting down the years for the girls to move out so he can wheel me and all my junk into one of their bedrooms LOL!

  7. Great inchie!!! Love the sweet little addition of the button, really makes it special!
    and... we both used a measuring tape stamp on our M inchies, so we're too cool!

  8. Cheers from Iowa, U.S! So happy to find your lovely blog! Love the inchies! I've always been meaning to make some, but haven't yet. Now you've got me itching to make a few! And tags too! Great work!

  9. Lovely inchie, I hope you find some more uses for your old blind! xx


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