Thursday, 15 April 2010


One more Inchy tonight .... one of the things I'm enjoying most about making them is that I get to use up all my scraps and .... am seeing my stamps in a different light now that I'm looking for just 'parts' of them to use .... great fun! Didn't expect to like working small but I'm finding it really relaxing.


  1. I guess I need to try some *Numinosinchys* now. Looks like fun!


  2. Oh, I think you're hooked. This is lovely, Penny! Love that little dragonfly!

  3. Love your blog and especially like the inchies! It will be great to go to town on making backgrounds for them, infact you have inspired me to have a go myself with a kind of 'inchie plaque'. Finally thanks for leaving a comment about my tag for the Kard Krazy challenge it ias appreciated. Looking forward to following your blog and seeing how the backgrounds and further 'inchies' turn out. x

  4. It really makes you think! I love the totally different looks you can get by using only parts of a to make my pennies work for me when it comes to buying rubber! LOL

  5. Hi. I love your inchies, and the colors you used here.I never made an inchie myself, wonder if I should try!!!Thanks for your kind visit.


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