Thursday, 15 April 2010


Dashing over to visit my friend Sue on Sunday so I could riffle through her carrier bags from Ally Pally. Gorgeous!

The willingness of crafty friends to help out when I ran out of a couple of things .... a crafting emergency, no less!

My Boot Fair finds - electronic resistors and capacitors - fabulous - look like beads on bendy wire - playtime! An aged Chemistry book full of tables - my favourite - yum! Wooden cotton reels - I saw some of these which had been altered and fell in love with the idea but now, as usual, can't recall where it was.... but, I shall love them anywhere in all their bare, naked, unadorned glory.

Today being the 5th Anniversary of the day Mal & I met ....we're great believers in loooooong engagements - tee hee. And yes, I am going to proudly stand up and say .... WE MET THROUGH A DATING AGENCY .... we're the best 30 quid we ever spent. Bargain! x

Chiropractic Treatment - please Mrs. Chiropractor ... rock my world today by fixing my back..... I live in hope.

And .... my dear readers! What's rockin' your world this week?  Have a great weekend x


  1. A dating agency, waauw, seems like a fairy tale!
    What's rocking my world this week:
    -made some ATC's (for the first time ever, thanks to you)
    -glad I'm not stucked in an airport these days!

  2. Well you've had a pretty good week, Penny! Hope your back pain is eased at the chrio's today. Have a good weekend, my friend!

  3. Hey Penny, I just celebrated 5 years since meeting my mate recently too. Our first date was St. Patricks Day. We met at a bar in Alaska and two weeks later on a shuttle bus at the Gem Show in Tucson, Arizona and two weeks later again in Alaska at the grocery store ( then he asked me out!)

    My chiropractor relieved what was lingering form my weird vertigo episode which was very worrisome indeed and I'm back to normal again.

    Also rockin' my world is our adorable friend Julio's 69th birthday dinner. I'll have to post his altered art cake on my blog that the restaurant brought to our table and a friend from Alaska came down for a surprise visit.

    Our next week will be rockin' too as it's our last week in Arizona before we head back to Alaska- Mark Knopfler concert , a Jazz and Blues fest and a trip to the pottery village of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua Mexico before packing up and heading north with the snowbirds.

    That and finishing up projects an starting on inchy mayhem.
    Thanks for asking` You didn't know you'd get a book!


  4. Very excited that Anneke made some ATCs and hope to get to see them!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts Yvonne - bless you!
    Kim - anytime you want to write me a book, please don't wait to be asked. I love to hear what you're all up to! Sounds as tho' fate played a big hand in your partnership - how lovely. You have an exciting time coming up - look forward to hearing more about it.
    Thank you all x

  5. I'm so late posting today it's scary - but I've got an excuse I've been away for the week, loving your list and hope the chiropractor's been able to work a little magic for you - I'm just having a blop before I need to do something else (not sure what the something else is yet LOL).


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