Friday, 9 April 2010


Been absent for just a couple of days and now I've got verbal dihorrea (!).  Was reading Hels blog and her moving got me thinking. I LOVE moving. I had moved 19 times before my daughter was 14! Its my nomadic genes. Seriously, I love nothing more than packing up and starting over in a new place. But, I never feel like I live anywhere until my books are unpacked and in situ on their new shelves ... never mind anything else. What makes you feel like you've finally settled in whenever you've moved home? I'd love to know....


  1. I had to move to TWO new places at once in the last couple of years. I got married and left my town of 32 years to move 100 miles away to the boonies in Alaska (still on a highway system at least) and then we set up our second home in Arizona for the winters.

    Putting up my art collections on the walls and setting up the two studios were the best settling in factors for me.

    It was fun splitting my belongings in two for each place and then merging with my new husbands belongings.

    On one of my earlier posts on my blog I wrote about "A Tale of Two Studios"

    I loved moving to both new places!

  2. Mmmmm, you made me think Kim. I've never actually had to move a whole art room before and when I do, I'm going to need to downsize it considerably ... thats a bit scary. I shall go find A Tale of Two Studios over the weekend. The word 'merging' is also making my knees knock - my partner has very classic taste and mine is ... well, to say 'eclectic' is to be .... kind!!!

  3. For me, it's always setting up my "nest" - putting together the bed, nightstand, lamp, and of course, a book. The whole place can be a disaster of boxes, remodeling, whatever, but if there's a cozy nest, I'm home. :) -Shelly

  4. have moved A LOT !!! making up beds I think - I was exhausted after the last move & suggested matresses on the flor but my friend's husband stayed on to get the beds assembeled - heaven !
    I find it very theraputic to get the loft cleared out too ! ( .....need to do it again seven years worth up there !)

  5. Oh no Loft! I had conveniently managed to forget about that. I know there are 40 packing cases up there for sure.... aaargh! How lovely that your friend helped to make sure you could sleep in comfort after such hard work x

  6. Hi Heavens2Betsy thankyou for dropping by to my little blog I am still fairly new to it all.My Virginia got me into all this wonderful stuff and I love it so much it gives me so much pleasure.Talk about moving homes I haven't done it since 1987 .We moved quite alot when I was a child and loved it new beginnings and just exploring your new area and surroundings.It is always an exciting time especially if you are a child.If I moved house now it would take me a year to sort out my loft and all my other storage spaces.x

  7. wow, I cant believe that you have moved so much! amazing! I really love staying put!!!!

  8. I was exactly the same until I came here and although I'd still love to move, it ain't gonna happen for a while, unless I leave, lol. But I really enjoyed the chance to start again and to do things differently - even moving to another country and coming back with nothing - no furniture, no money - absolutely nothing! Great challenge and great time. As with you, for me home is home when books are in place but also when I can play my music.

  9. *sobbing uncontrollably at the thought of moving....19 times!!!!!* Hun, I am falling apart here with the thought of packing my room of stash, actually... I am avoiding it which is why I am hopping round blogs ROFL....if you hav a spare few years, you could come and help me pack LOL ... hugs xx

  10. OMG really 19 times... I nearly choked when I read your post hun... I HATE moving with a passion though I have done my fair share of it :D
    I just dislike all the upheaval though I am always happy once it's all done.
    Chris xx


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