Sunday, 11 April 2010


This atc is for a swap with Jaqui a new blogging buddy. I was inspired to make a crow in a dress after a great swap I received some weeks ago now from Jan of Jans Arty Atc Journey. This was my only attempt and I'd like to take the time to improve on it but, having had no blog time this weekend, I thought I'd post it as it is rather than not at all. Its been a lovely weekend, but all devoted to the garden as the sun was shining and while I want to grow my art, I need to be growing my veggies too ... a girl cannot live on art alone! So, now my seeds are planted, troughs filled, cat prevention in place .... alls well in the world! Hope you've enjoyed the sun wherever you may be x


  1. I'm liking the crow thing going on here - although our local crows are more jeans and t-shirts! No, seriously, as usual great colours and fun image (love the long gloves.

    Hope you're not creaking too much tomorrow after all that gardening.


  2. This is great! Love the crown and the long gloves are priceless! Cheers!

  3. This is fabulous, Penny! Such a well dressed bird :)

  4. Fab card Penny! luv the gloves!
    Aww thanx for the mention, and sooo glad that my card inspired you :)
    ...and while the sun is still shining, you have just inspired me to get out in my garden and give it it's first hair-cut of the year ! lol ;)

    Jan x

  5. Fab ATC! Can't wait to see what you do for a chunky book page ;)

  6. Brilliant atc really funky.... it's zetti-ish and I love art created like that.

    You did a fab job and whoever gets it will be very lucky... it's reall cool :D

    Glad you had a lovely sunny weekend hope the sun stays today and you get some crafting time.

    Chris xx

    p.s. the numbers stamp you asked me about... sorry i don't know who's it is cos it belonged to Chriss Rollins.... I used it on our crafty weekend :D

  7. Brilliant ATC Pen! I love it! x

  8. Oh I do love this one. It tickles me muchly!

  9. So pleased that you are showing us it and can I say that circle stamp is soooo versatile.

    i have free blog candy up for grabs on the ATC blog.

    chriss x

  10. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for popping into my blog for a visit.
    Love the style of your creating.
    Lesley x

  11. I love this, it's such fun!

  12. This is great! Did you Mum never warn you about swaps involving Crows in Dresses though?!

    Lucy x


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