Friday, 23 April 2010


Not so easy for me this week as things have been difficult but, here goes:

The kindness of strangers.

My friends - thank you all.

Beautiful tulips from my Father and a visit from my Mother.

Mary who, tho stuck in Malta unable to travel home as planned, took the time...

The wonderful things that come in the post, some of them, unexpectedly and, from people I've never met.

My daughter and son, my staunchest supporters, always.

My veg babies raising their heads above the soil, seeking the sun.

The magic of the chiropractor's touch!

The therapeutic effects of art - my own and other people's which can be so affecting even when seen from afar.

All you lovely people who come to visit xxx

ps Music Of The Moment: Anna Nalik - I only recently discovered her music and boy, does it speak to me!!!


  1. Sorry to hear that you have had a difficult time Penny, hope all's ok? (((hugs)))

    Jan x

  2. now I will have to listen to anna's music! nice gratitude list!

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a difficult week, my lovely Pen. Well done for being able to pick such lovely positives out of the negatives.


  4. Hi hun hope you managed to find a whole lot of love in your day - hadn't summised that I would find these hard work to do but this has been one hell of a week, I love your ideas on the buddha it's certainly a way to focus on your intentions - still thinking a paint splatting session would do me good!

    Sending you positive vibes and hugs - here's hoping we have a good weekend

    Hugs and more hugs


  5. thank you for your sweet commens. Hoping you have a brighter weekend.

  6. When you are down - it is always important to be grateful for small wonders as you have been here. Hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!

  7. Penny,I certainly hope things are looking up for you.

    I'll be back in Alaska by next Rockin' My World Friday. Meanwhile reveling in our recent trip to the Mexican pottery village (posted on my blog), packing and sorting for our trip north, and trying to entertain friends in one last blast before we go.
    Rhubarb- blueberry pie in the oven (fillings transported in our cooler from Alaska) Some Alaskan Copper River Red salmon to grill, and some tomatillo salsa for chips will rock the evening. And would you believe SNOW! this morning here in Sunny Arizona. Guess we have to bake the salmon in the oven!


  8. Ohhh sending hugs and love and hope that your future days will be blessed. Love that you still take time to be thankful for daily and life blessings
    hugs June xxxx

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog you made lots of stunning work to and the music of Anna Nalik is just great.
    have a great weekend byebye,lean.

  10. I hope next week will be "more sunny" for you!
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Though you had to think you found some pretty amazing world rocking things there - quite a lot of which I agree with too :)

    Big hugs, can't wait to get back to my blog but am slowly getting sorted :P

  12. Sorry to read you have had a difficult week...

    Re: wonderful things that come in the post though... Your Garden Fairy ATC has now come to live with me and I love her!

    Hope next week is easier for you :)


  13. Hi Penny,

    Hope that what ever has been difficult is not so difficult now. x

    My veg babies raising their heads above the soil, seeking the sun. :) love this.

    and thank you for the lovely words on Jo's blog it made me feel all warm inside.
    thank you.

    take care x

    chriss x

  14. Your lovely list was a good reminder to me to revisit my gratitude list. Always.
    Thanks for that!

  15. I'm listening to Anna thanks to you - x


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