Sunday, 4 April 2010


I just read the most amazing story.
I found myself holding my breath as I was reading it.
It contains such an important message for us all.
If you would like to read it too, it was posted by Trudi and it can be found here:

Quite apart from this story, it is a beautiful blog to visit.
Thank you Trudi x

If you do go read it, I'd love to know what you think ....


  1. Blows your mind, doesn't it? As a teacher, I'm constantly encouraging my students to be aware of their surroundings and participate in this crazy thing called life. This is a great reminder to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Then you are the kind of teacher that I aspire to be! I was glad of the reminder too. Thanks for calling by x

  3. To quote an old saying "ain't it the truth", we really do need to stop and smell the roses. Thanks for sharing, Penny!

  4. I have read this before. It really does make you stop and think. I really do try to live in the moment. But it is so nice to read something like this to remind you! Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Wow - what a story -yes it made me stop and think - I'm one of those that stops and enjoys the world around me when I'm in my 'family' zone - we've had a weekend of hunting out great places in location we thought we already 'knew' - opened our eyes and reminded us that we are surrounded by things that we don't 'see' because we don't take time to stop and find out more - thank you for the prompt - if I can now lay this out into my 'work' life then I've got it cracked.

    Hope you are having a lovely bank holiday!


  6. It'sa worry isn't it? How could people not notice such wonderful music, but there we are, all too busy and not caring enough!!! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog and being so complementary!!

  7. Blimey ! I think people are generally embarassed the same way they'd be to stop & help a stranger who has fallen ( I know this - when my mum & I fell in a gale a couple tried not to stop - but the young girl from the bakery who aided us asked them to help her help us - my mum is 8o ! )
    This is a lesson in stopping for a moment in time however busy you are.

    Interesting experiment - thanks Penny !


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