Thursday, 13 May 2010


Lovely postal gifts from Jaqi, Jo & Yvonne. A big thank you to you all.

Watching Luther on tv. I don't watch much tv but I'm enjoying this new series and, bidding a fond farewell to Shameless as Tuesday saw the last episode in the current series. Makes me laugh and breaks my heart in equal measure every time no matter how bizarre or lewd the storyline!

My runner bean plants - babies no more - now toddlers, making an enthusiastic bid for freedom up the fence.

Recently cleaned and re-planted tropical aquarium thanks to Mal - my fellow enthusiast and fish-keeper. We watched the plants growing before our eyes a couple of nights ago. Lush!

The deliciousness of being picked to own a set of Penny at the Linen Shelf's altered matchboxes originating from a swap that she organised. I'm soooo excited and feel so lucky. I can't wait to see them.

Music of the Moment: MARTHA WAINWRIGHT.

What's  Rockin' Your Worlds this Friday?
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  1. I'm loving your list of things - I struggled a little this week then realised that my week was full of people for whom I'm eternally grateful so that made my post make the most sense! Just back home from school run with a day off in front of me - now the ironing is taking over the world but me thinks I deserve a little bit of crafting!

  2. Lovely happies this week, Pen. Hoping your back eases up for you. Have a lovely weekend, Jo xxx


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