Thursday, 13 May 2010


Been talking to Penny from the Hen House/Linen Shelf today by email and we got to talking about names ... both being 'Pennys'. I refer to her as OtherPenny and myself as PennyAsWell. This ended up with me thinking about nicknames. I've had a few. I was called 'Sparkle' in my late teenage years and early 20s - because of my blue eyes I believe. Then in my mid-later 20's I was 'Pitstop' because of my tendency to drive rather fast and then I was 'Penny McFrenzy' - a play on my full name ... Penny McKenzie ... sadly, due to my, then, rather fiery temper. Its ok, I'm a complete pussycat now. Ahem.  OtherPenny told me hers but in an email so I won't post them here but I was wondering, do you have or have you ever had a nickname and how did you come to get it ?.... I'd love to know more about you all.


  1. Had a great catch up your ATC swaps are all so lovely.

    The story behind the book wow how wonderful.

    The Adams Family was big when I was 15 and when the boys in our house were angry with me they called me Lurch cos I was taller than them at the time.

    I was called Chicken and petal by my dad.

    I was called 'Angel' by my once hubby.

    and one of my GC calls me grannieee-oh

    But when I was a little girl of 9 or 10 I was going to have twins when I grew up one a girl and one a boy
    the boy was to be called Perry and the girl Penny
    it's this day I do not know where the names came from.
    I had 3 children but didn;t use either of the names.

    I have just written a book lol.

    Have a great weekend

    chriss x

  2. I've had way too many nicknames.... Chipper when I was a kid because I have big cheek apples when I smile, they said I looked like those cartoon chipmunks Chip and Dale when they stash acorns in their cheeks.

    for the last ten years its been Starry, which started out as Rastar, when I was a youthworker the kids all wanted to know what my tag would be if I was in their 'crew' (gang) so I said Rastar (my last name is Raston) and then over time that became Starry Girl and finally Starry which has spread and it now is strange to be called by my birth name.

    Your nicknames are great!

  3. When I was a kid, in gym class, my nickname was Tumble Bum, I wasn't that great at gymnastics. Now I get called Yve (pronounced EVE) by one brother and one sister, all my other sibblings call me by my given name. I get terms of endearment from hubby :)

    Fun to hear other nicknames and the story behind them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I get called lots of different nicks,Pattie comes from when i first lost my husband,my son was setting up a pc for me to keep me occupied he said lol,and couldnt wait for me to choose,just typed in Pattie my user name,so it stuck!......I also get called Trish and Pat of course lol


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