Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I have started a new blog. After posting recent pictures of my Mum & Dad in their early years, I've become inspired to write about some of the photgraphs which are important to me. This is what its all about:

I am the Memory Keeper's Daughter. As a child, our bathroom was a makeshift darkroom where my Father worked tirelessly and with boundless enthusiasm to create a career from his passion for photography. To grow up in a home such as ours was to have our lives documented by the camera and photographs, generally, hold a very important place in my heart. This blog is where I shall keep some of them for posterity and with them tell their stories - family snapshots, my own photographs and some that just simply speak to me. Here I hope to combine my passion for photographs, for writing and for remembering. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always, I hope, of interest.

I'd love to see you over here 
if you'd like to come and visit. 


  1. I will go check it out! and come by my new place too!

  2. This new blog sounds interesting, I'll give it a look later, xxx

  3. will visit soon - sounds lovley x

  4. Penny, I made a link to your new blog (Well actually both of them) over on Tattered Past.Just wanted to share your new endeavor.

  5. I'll go check it out. Thanks for sharing! I know the importance of pictures and the treasure of saving someone's handwriting too. Or, anything they have made by hand. Art lives on too!

  6. Ive added both to my list now that ive found you again. Your idea for your new blog is brilliant, hope it goes well, I bet you get alot out of creating it. Spk soon J x

  7. Penny, I have sent you an email.. hoping you got it
    Jennie x


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