Thursday, 12 August 2010


I haven't been blogging for the past couple of months as I've not been able to craft anything due to lack of time, changing circumstances and the pressures inflicted by Real Life. I've really missed it and, I've sorely missed all of those who took the time to visit here and to leave your lovely comments.

Sometimes, in life, it seems that you don't always get what you hope/plan for and so, the past few months have been a time of re-adjustment. Those of you who have visited this blog over time will know this was due to be a year of big change for me. Sadly, many of my plans have had to be abandoned, or have fallen by the wayside altogether. But, you know, perhaps if you don't get something, its because you don't really need it or, aren't really meant to have it after all.

In brief, everything I had planned has had to be delayed for a couple of years at least. And, new plans have been made. I am applying to be a foster parent .... I need to have some little people in my life again ... its been too long! We nearly lost my Dad (again) today. He became very seriously ill yesterday evening but today had his scheduled triple heart bypass operation afterall and we are told he is making a good recovery. My Dad and his nine lives! I'm not sure our hearts can take much more of this let alone his! I'm sure you can imagine our relief.

And so, I need/want/long to get back to my art. I don't know when and I don't know how, but it is once again becoming a priority for me. I shall be making a tiny reappearance (start small I say) in the coming few days I hope (gently does it) and getting back to visiting everybody's blogs again. Until I'd started writing this, I'd kinda forgotten just how good it feels.

See you soon


  1. I'm very glad to hear from you again, Penny!!Good of you to make new plans despite of all the rest! Hope your dad recovers well! Take all the time you need to come back here with some art, I missed it, but I'm able to wait a little bit longer if necessary :) Take care

  2. Oh Penny, It's so good to see you back in Blogland! Life's so difficult sometimes, isn't it? I'll keep your dear Dad in my thoughts, he's been through the mill hasn't he? It's really hard. My creating has been slow over the last few months too for similar reasons, but I'm keen to get back 'in the saddle', so we'll take it slowly and surely together shall we? Good luck with the foster parenting thing - you do know you'll probably get your heart broken don't you? You have a huge heart, girl. See you on your blog again SOON, eh? Lots 'n lots of love, xxx

  3. YEAH, Penny, you're back! So happy to see you back. I am really glad your Dad is on the mend. Things will get back to normal again, whatever normal is :)


  4. We need people like you, hope your foster care plans work for you!!!
    I would think that the story of being a foster parent would make some great art opportunities!!!
    you can share with us!!!

  5. Missed your ramblings, Penny and I'm really sorry to hear about your Dad. Mine had 5 bypasses a few years ago and is going strong - really fit and well. Hope your Dad is the same. You're right - sometimes things don't work out the way we planned and often that's for a reason, even if we can't see it at the time. Good luck with the fostering and we'll be here, waiting for you! Cath x

  6. Missed you Penny! Will send prayers for your foster child and you, your dad, and all your hopes.

  7. Oh Penny, so sorry to hear of all that's going on. I'm sure your dear Dad will be a new man after his op. Friends of ours have had triple or quad bypasses and live life once again to the full, so keep strong. He'll get there. I've missed you blogging but my own DH has not long had a hip replacement so I've been preoccupied. He's almost there now!
    Life will be on an even keel again for you soon, I'm sure,
    Thinking of you,
    Love Jo x

  8. Good luck, Penny and welcome back!!!

  9. Hey Penny,
    Yes, I've been missing you lately and have checked back a few times to see if I wasn't getting my notifications. Sorry about your dad, lets hope he bounces back quickly, I'm all too familiar with that.
    It's been strange as I seem to have had a few of my regulars kind of drop out for one reason or another, I guess that's the way it is with real life.
    Kudos to you for taking on a foster child. I'm sorry your plans unraveled but I wish for you the best in your new plans.
    xoxo Kim

  10. Hi Penny~ good to see you on the blogs again! Sounds like you are in a time of life changes! Glad to hear your father's surgery went well~ I will keep you in my prayers!

  11. Hi Penny
    Good to see you blogging again! 'av missed ya!!
    Sorry to hear that life is not working out the way you planned , often that's for a reason,(as Cath as already mentioned here), even if we can't see it at the time.
    (((Big Hugs!!)))
    Good luck with the fostering and hope all goes well with your dad's op.
    I've also not been blogging and creating as much as i want.... new pup is keeping me busy!!
    Will look forward to seeing your arty creations!
    Jan x

  12. Hi Penny, I've missed you, but glad to hear your Dad is still hanging on in there. I hope life gets a little easier for you. Exciting news re the fostering, though.
    Best wishes,

  13. Thank you for all your encouragement. Lovely to see you all again! xxx

  14. Lovely to see you blogginig again Penny. Good luck with the fostering and definitely get back into the art - it's so therapeutic isn't it? :)

    Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts to you and your Dad.

  15. So good to have you back Pen! Hope we can get together & craft again soon!
    Alison xx


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