Wednesday, 2 June 2010


This atc was made for a swap with ARTic Blonde Yvonne and sent some weeks ago. I thought it had gone astray in the post but happily she has received it now. There were several atcs in the envelope and I'm pleased to be able to post them now as I've not been making much art over the past fortnight. I used the brayer to reverse the image of the woman to make her reflection. How come I can manage to do that but not brayer a smooth background?

Ps My Dads op was cancelled yesterday. My Mum forgot to tell me! I have no fingernails left. The op will be done today now we are told. Thankyou so much for your continued well wishes xxx


  1. Ooooh, this is clever, Pen! Lovely swirls background, and that reverse image is really effective. Love to you and yours, xx

  2. Love your atc and that reflection is great. I hope your dads op goes well

  3. oh my nail biting again!! will keep up the good wishes!

  4. Hope everything goes well. thinking of you.

    Fabulous atc!


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